About Awards

Excellent papers will be awarded as “Presidential Award”, “Investigator Award”, and “Travel Award”.

  • Presidential Award

    “APASL Oncology 2024 Chiba Presidential Award” will be awarded to whom performed the most excellent presentation in APASL Oncology 2024 Chiba to encourage to further their research and progress.

  • Investigator Award

    The purpose of the “APASL Oncology 2024 Chiba Investigator Award” is to praise outstanding examples of excellence amongst those involved in research training in the early stages of their career.

  • Travel Award

    “APASL Oncology 2024 Chiba Travel Award” will be awarded to the excellent presenters mainly for the presenters from overseas to support their travel expenses.

Contact Information

If you have any question regarding abstract submission, please contact follows.
APASL Oncology 2024 Chiba Congress Secretariat
c/o Academia Support Japan
+81-3-6380-0102 +81-3-6380-0103
Office Hours
9:30-17:30 except Saturdays, Sundays and National Holidays